Welcome to the Tring Child Contact Centre

Tring Child Contact Centre is a place for children to meet with parents or other relatives they no longer live with, or see, after relationship breakdown.


Adult relationships can remain difficult after parents separate. Yet the majority of children want, and need, to maintain a relationship with parents and other relatives who are important to them.  Not all separated parents find it easy to achieve this.  Trust may have broken down.  Communication may have become difficult.  If so, it may seem almost impossible to make arrangements for a child to spend quality time with the parent or relative they no longer live with.  This is where we can help.

What is Tring Child Contact Centre?

Our centre first opened in 2001.  Today it is among about 350 similar centres in the UK, accredited by the National Association of Child Contact Centres (NACCC).

We are independent of any other organisation, and though the venue for our sessions is a church hall, we are not part of that church.  We welcome families of any faith or none.  Our sessions are run by experienced volunteers, led and supported by the  Co-ordinator of the Centre.  We operate as a charity and have to raise money ourselves to keep the service going.

We aim to provide a safe, neutral and comfortable place for children to see their non-resident parents or family.  We do not take sides, nor do we offer counselling or mediation.  The part we play is to put into practice agreements that have been made elsewhere, e.g. in family mediation, via solicitors, or the Family Courts.  Where both parents are willing to attend, we can also accept self referrals.


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